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October 1st at 9pm, 70′

Teatre Alegria, 11€


After seven years working on the collective project Díptico por la identidad, the Vértebro      collective (made up of the Andalusians Ángela Lopez, Juan Diego Calzada and Nazario Díaz) decided that it was necessary to lay fallow in 2019.

Fallow is a term that originates before asphalt came into our lives. It means leaving the land without sowing during unproductive (and necessary) times. Indeed, the members of Vértebro themselves needed some time to fallow, to find themselves, to look for reasons to keep on performing in our current (hostile) climate and political context. They needed some distance to understand the new landscape, identify new causes for which to fight and new ways to approach/solve them.

Finally, after two bad years and a TNT creative residency, Vértebro managed to rearrange the furniture of their poetic universe. They felt comfortable again. From their new identity, they even managed to send us a postcard with an image —or a reflection— of Earth today. Of Earth and its current struggles. What’s the cause worth fighting for this time? Overpopulation. For, is human life better than life itself?

The postcards Vértebro send out in their performance are usually small compositions framed in a well-drawn context. The spectator can write whatever they want on them, personalise them, tear them off, reply to them. An Earthly Image is staged through bodies in action, maddening lighting devices and a soundtrack worthy of a science fiction film. All these elements are there to create tension, a thrilling suspense between all items displayed on stage. With it, Vértebro wish to raise all of life’s existential questions and provocations in the spectator’s gaze. The play’s soundtrack is by Isabel do Diego, Juan Diego’s alter ego. It represents the multiplicity of identities and genres which now defines Vértebro’s renewed political and poetic will.

A play in the shape of a performative postcard that invites everyone to be part of a journey through the universe.

Concept and Performers: Juan Diego Calzada, Ángela López, Nazario Díaz

Creation and Research: Álvaro Albaladejo, Óscar G. Villegas, Juan Diego Calzada, Ángela López, Nazario Díaz

Textuality: Juan Diego Calzada a través de Carmen Rodriguez ‘Karmenka’, Cacilda Jethá, Christopher Ryan, Marta Peirano, Eva Illouz, Berta Cáceres, Paolo Tavares, Michel Serres, Ángela López and Nazario Díaz

BSO: Isabel do Diego

Lighting and Technical Direction: Óscar G. Villegas

Executive Production: Kurzuth Silverstone

Co-produced by: Vértebro, Festival TNT/Terrassa Noves Tendències, Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Conde Duque

In collaboration with: Graner|Centre de Creació de Dansa i Arts Vives (Barcelona), C3A|Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Córdoba, Azala (Vitoria-Gasteiz), Programa Ágora|Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales (Andalucía), L’Estruch|Fábrica de creació de les arts en viu (Sabadell)


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