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Laia Estruch

October 2nd at 8.30pm, 45′

Nova Jazz Cava, 7€

Laia Estruch is a creator who lies somewhere between visual arts and performance. From this unique standpoint, she researches the body and the voice, relating them to each other through sculpture. In Mix, produced by Festival Domingo of the Casa Encendida in Madrid, out of the three elements she normally combines, the voice takes centre stage.

In the case of Laia, the umbrella term “performance” means, above all, that she is not creating a work of theatre, as she is not representing anything. On the contrary. She always works live, carrying out actions that do not move even a millimetre away from the snippets of life and moments she shares with the audience.

Laia creates sculptures from these snippets of life, in a different way every time. Sculptures that are more or less abstract and always large enough to end up enveloping her fully. Sculptures that, given their size, become the arena where body, voice and object meet. The performance, meanwhile, includes both its production process and the result —that is, the production of herself.

What role does the voice play in all this? In each new section of her research, Laia observes and works on the voice just as a body, as a material with volume that can inform the sculpture and reinforce the ephemeral condition of everything as an intrinsic part of the present. Because the voice, just like movement, is something that happens and fades off.

In Mix, voices are unaccompanied. This time, Laia creates a sculpture by summarising, remembering, revisiting, and recreating the different voices she has trained since 2010 to be part of the pieces in her career so far.

Worked on live, for the present moment, they will become a new part of her career, a new snippet of life—experienced and shared with the TNT audience.

CREATOR AND PERFORMER: Laia Estruch Mata, 2021

PRODUCTION: Festival Domingo (La Casa Encendida)



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