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TNT is a festival dedicated to the support of new artistic formats. It is the transformation of the future into the present. It seeks to explore new ways to inhabit artistic expression and to encompass art in our fast-paced, overwhelming world —a world still unequal until we embrace true global change. TNT is synonym for provocation, discomfort, experimentation, fun —but also, and importantly, vulnerability.

TNT underwrites critical and committed artistic practices. It opens a box full of aesthetic possibilities while promoting new formats and populating hungry stages. TNT works with artists who are victims of the conflicts of our times —ecology, inequality, gender and diversity policies, the ruling hegemony of new technologies.

TNT encourages cross-territorial works. It interweaves multiple artistic disciplines, thus making theatre more accessible to new creator communities and audiences. The festival works jointly with local institutions, educational centers, organized entities and common citizens while trying to expand its roots across the city of Terrassa.

TNT hosts an innovative, transdisciplinary and contemporary programme with a new collective discourse in each edition. It supports artists through research and creative co-productions and residencies while stimulating participatory activities for the citizens of Terrassa.

During TNT, we wish to suspend you in time and space. We ask you to immerse yourself for a weekend in which a group of artists and members of the audience will break your everyday lives down and build a common space for critical debate, artistic experimentation and —of course— celebration.


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