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Alberto Cortés

About the show:

A sunset and a couple who have just had a heated argument on Gulpiyuri beach in Asturias. You can breathe a romantic and submissive spirit of the end of the 18th century. This is the main scene that gives rise to the new creation of Alberto Cortés.

Analphabet is the construction of a myth or legend based on the aroma of German romanticism and Andalusian idiosyncrasy. It addresses the idea of abuse and mistreatment that we exercise and exercise in the formula of the couple as a loving construct. Alberto Cortés aims to build a mythological creature, a ghost from the 18th century to talk about abuse. A mythological being that appears to couples on the water of the sea, in beautiful landscapes, when they are sad and exhausted from crying so much.

About the author:

Alberto Cortés is stage director, playwright and performer of his own creations. He graduated from the ESAD in Malaga in stage direction and dramaturgy and in Art History from the UMA. Alberto Cortés considers that he does not come to the theater for love but rather looking for an answer to various concerns of his youth.

In 2009, he began his stage career in drama. Since then, she has not stopped colliding with various creators, teachers and friends who have inspired her path and her creations. At a certain point, his path leads to the idea of understanding the stage as the scenic space of desire and of the romantic relationship with the spectator.

He also accompanies the creation processes of other creators from the direction and dramaturgy and teaches workshops where she shares the research she goes through.


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